Speedway SBC Short Aluminum Water Pump

Speedway SBC Short Aluminum Water Pump

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Speedway Short Aluminum water pumps flow 35 gallons per minute at 4,000 RPM, with minimal cavitation and proportionally increased flow rates at 5,000 RPM and above. Equalized water flow distribution and pressure-balanced water passages minimize internal engine hot-spots making these pumps an excellent alternative for not only light duty racing, but also marine, trucks, towing, and motorhome applications. Cruisers and hot rodders will appreciate the improved cooling at low speeds.

"Short" style pumps came on all factory small block V8s from 1955 to 1968. However, this pump will fit all S/B Chevys up to 1985.

910-15546 Instructions (PDF)

Learn how to choose the correct water pump for your application by reading our tech article.  SBC - Short vs Long Water Pump.   

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