The Bar S Motorsports Story

Bar S Motorsports, founded in 2017, is dedicated to fulfilling everyone's need for speed.  Michael Short, saw a need for a speed shop that was focused on fulfilling the needs of racers while applying his knowledge and experience from the agriculture industry; any amount of down time is unacceptable and you can't put a value of what you've lost when your machine isn't functional.

Michael brought on the Mid-Willamette Valley's most dedicated racers, crew members and fans to his team. Joel Imamura, a longtime coworker and friend of Michael's manages day to day operations of Bar S Motorsports.  Joel's knowledge of products and tricks to make cars go fast is a key asset to the company.  Like all members of Bar S Motorsports, Joel's passion for success is unparalleled.

Knowing that he needed shoes on the pedals and hands on the steering wheel, he turned to most winning pair of twins in the area: Dustin and Justin Cady.  The Cady Twins came on board as house car drivers and chassis specialists.

Dustin's list of accomplishments on the track is long and distingushed.  His list of accomplishments off the track is just as long.  Dustin has a vision for aerodynamics that leave most engineering models in the dust.  Building some of the best bodies around, Dustin used his skills to work with Longhorn Chassis to redesign the modified body and cockpit design for functionality and driver comfort.

Justin has driven nearly everything under the sun.  From Swing-Arm Pullbar cars to Z-Link, Watts, Four Bar, GM Metric, Leaf Spring to Sprint Cars he's not afraid to strap on his helmet and turn laps in any full size race car.  He is our go-to when it comes to setup and addressing a handling issue.  Justin has used his knowledge to help setup cars across the country from our shop in the Pacific Northwest and drive them to the front of the pack.

Whether you're looking for a new chassis, or finding that extra hundredth of a second, Bar S Motorsports is here for you and for your pursuit of speed.

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Michael Short - President & CEO


Direct: 541-953-7018


Joel Imamura - General Manager


Direct: 541-230-4650