Multi Fire Spark Plug Wire Set

  • $300.00

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Lower resistant wires allow more current to the spark plug. More current = hotter spark = better fuel burn.

This set in particular is made to fit chevy small block engines.  We can also customize your plug wires to certain lengths for big blocks & any other types of engines, or with straight boots.

  • 15 OHM per foot coil wire.
  • 15 OHM per foot plug wires.
  • Ideal for crate engines.
  • Lowest resistance of any spark plug wire package on the market.
  • Wires come complete with double heat shrunk H.E.I. ends along with 100% silicone insulation good to temperatures up to 1200 degrees F.

Dyno testing with a 604 crate motor has shown average gains of 9 hp with this package compared to standard 300 OHM wires from competitors.

NOTE: Ground the heads when running these wires. CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER.

When Ordering please specify Engine, Distributor Cap Terminals, Coil and Coil Wire Length.


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